Hello! Welcome to my blog!  My name is Kaitlyn and to be honest... I'm super boring and not so great at creating a website. But I love fashion, people, and trying new things. So I'll write about it every now and then. In the mean time you can find why I named my blog  " coffee and a vogue" and a fun few stories about me in the " thoughts section" ENJOY!





The phrase "Go Well" actually pulls from the name of my blog. In Italian, Vogue means "go well", which I find to be very meaningful to me. The point of this blog is to do all things well. This includes dressing well, living well, and doing all things with a "go well" attitude. I am in a very transitional time in my life and the phrase I often come back to is "live well". I love "go well" because it reminds me that whatever may happen, always maintain a positive attitude and Go Well!