What's in My Bag? Real Life Edition.

TGIF babes! It's time for the weekend and time to party.... or go to the opening of Whole Foods on a Saturday night....whatever floats your boat.  So my title is pretty self explanatory and about to be real!  Do you ever pick up a People or a Instyle and see their celebrity edition of What's in My Bag?  Their purses are more put together than my life will ever be.  So I decided to be real about whats in my bag, because I mean why not? 

  1. Dove Soap Bar.      

Because you never know when you need to take a bath? I'm actually not entirely sure why this is in my purse.  I mean maybe I'll need it one day? Do you think I'll ever be in like an airport or restaurant and someone screams " Help!! We need a dove soap bar!!!" If so then I am the hero of that weird story. 

2. Seven Tubes of Lipstick  

This is ridiculous. I mean I could be somewhat a decent person and care for these precious tubes. I obviously love lipstick and I have ever shade known to man in my bag. Dark red, rich red, mauve, nude, pink, purple, and a light nude. How can there be a light nude and why do I own it?

3. NailClippers

I have no explanation. 

4. Naked Juice. 

I seriously just opened my bag and found this. I forgot I had bought it this morning... It's two o'clock in the afternoon. Again no real explanation. 

5. Ibuprofen and Promethazine

Okay I think this is my first real legit item to have in my bag. For future headaches and for others in dire need. Now the Promethazine is from when I had FOOD POISONING, I hate you... and you know who you are. Probably should throw it away... but I mean you never know these days. 

6. Fortune

" Cooking is easy. Good taste is hard. That's why you call take out. " HAHA laugh with me. 

7. Two Midi Rings and One Bobby Pin. 

I just threw those back in. 

8. Change. Yet No Coin Purse.

I thought it would be funny to count all the change and laugh about how I can go buy a soda... but I am lazy. So the change will remain in the bottom of my bag. 


Thanks for reading and enjoy your Friday! 




Kaitlyn Barinaga