Style Icons To Be Thankful For.

Happy Monday! Today's post is all about the three style icons who I am thankful for. Now it may seem shallow at first to be thankful for women based on their style, but to me these women do more than just look good. When I imagine a strong, outgoing, and genuine icon, these ladies come to mind. They molded my style, along with the mindset that a woman can do anything she sets her mind to. 

1.  Sarah Jessica Parker 

SJP to all the fashionable lovers and SATC fans. She is not just a crazy hat wearing, pattern mixing, wild hair lady. She is constantly raising awareness on HIV, was once a UNICEF ambassador, and has always rallied against hunger in NYC.  





The quote pictured above is something I have had plastered on walls and written on countless notebooks. Every woman should feel this way! 


2. Iris Apfel  

This lady knows color and knows it better than anyone around. Fashion and personality combined into one beautiful lady. Iris was a working, traveling, and independent woman when woman were expected to be a mother and stay in the home. She is more than just a style icon, she paved her way into the fashion world with sarcasm and independence.   



Iris has endless amazing and inspirational quotes from her countless interviews, but her recent documentary on Netflix was filled with life advice. Oh and of course fashion.  


3. Chrissy Teigan  

Chrissy embodies humor, grace, and style. Her stance on body image is a self esteem booster. She is a real woman and a woman I admire for constantly standing up for body image. I admire her for her genuine posts on social media, constantly aware of woman and their insecurities.  Super model status is just a platform for Chrissy to let other woman know she has flaws too. 



Minimalistic style is what I love about her outfits!  



In a world full of women who tear each other down, it gives me hope that we have some strong women who can be great role models. Fashion can be shallow or meaningless to some, but for me, it gives me a chance to show who I am through my clothes. I am thankful for strong and genuine style icons!  




Kaitlyn Barinaga