Road Trip Reads

Hello and happy Tuesday to my readers! I am moving in two weeks, AGHHH!! The jitters have set in for all the new change, but also because I'll be in a car for five days and driving up to ten hours a day! WHEW! Coming from a girl who has had ADD her whole life, I am not sure how I will endure, ha. With the help of books, I hope to stay focused enough to make it through a couple days without getting restless in the car.  When I am done with this road trip I will probably want to walk everywhere for a week, but hopefully I have a little bit more knowledge with the help of books.

Here are a few of my MUST READS for a road trip across the country.

  1. Leave Your Mark, by Aliza Licht.    

This book is a game changer for all my female friends. Girl power comes full force with ideas, tips, and tricks to making it on top. For myself, this book has helped me sort out job applications and resumes the past month. It is a must read and a book you'll keep in your purse or desk for years. Fashion and girl power, what more can a women need?

2. The New Bohemian, by Justina Blakeney

Moving means new apartment or house right? So why not get some inspiration from an amazing and DREAMY book. Boho or not, you'll love this colorful read.

3.HONY: Humans Of New York by Brandon Stanton.

Grab your tissues because you'll need them. This is a great book to have for your coffee table anyways, so make the purchase for your road trip. It's a great read out loud book for you and your traveling buddy. 

4. Fantastic Cities Coloring Book by Steve Mcdonald

I mean long hours in the car, either knit or color? I can't knit so I guess coloring will do the trick. Adult coloring is the new therapy. 

5. 36 Hours Series by The New York Times

I really love these books, whether you are going to follow their mapped out days or just would love to get some ideas, it's the perfect read for your trip. 




Kaitlyn Barinaga