These are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Week 2

Hello readers and happy Monday to you all! Last week we talked about the top three beauty products I am thankful for and why I love them! This week I want to talk about my lifesaver... concealer. I have been orange, crease ridden, and had amazing dark circles. To all my dorks out there, remember Gollum from Lord of The yes, those kind of dark circles. So on my quest I have found my ride or die ( as in dark circles) concealers that I want to share with you guys. Thankful is an understatement.. enjoy!

  1. NYX               


If you're always on the go and want easy application and long-lasting this is for you. It gives you a very natural look and very light. I like to use this on the days I am running errands on any redness and under eye area. I went with light... per usual, ha! 

Target $5.00

2. BareMinerals BareSkin


Amazing. Fabulous. Obsessed. This is so great for any redness or blemish you may need to disguise and it works! It covers so well and applies even better. I usually apply my foundation first, then conceal, then start my highlight/contour. So it is important for me to find something that applies smooth without smudges or creating a line around the area.  It is a serum base so do keep that in mind! 

The Edge. $20



Although Elf is usually my favorite, their previous concealer that I tried was a bust. With that being said, I gave them another shot with the most recent concealer they put out. They certainly stepped their game up as I love their newest concealer! It is just fab. 

Target $3

Thankful for you! 



Kaitlyn Barinaga