Tassel DIY

Hey ladies it's tassel Thursday... Whoop whoop! Okay, so if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post about the tassel tapestry I made. I wanted to share my first DIY project for you guys, don't laugh.  

I am no Martha Stewart and I have the attention span of a Labrador. So this project took me a month to finish, but in reality should have been done in one day.. But whatever.  


  • Three or more colors of yarn  
  • A rod or stick, my nine year old brother found this stick for me!  
  • Gold or whatever choice of spray paint  
  • A book  
  • A pair of scissors  
  • Wine  


 Step One - wrap one of the string colors around one of the books about 20 times.... and pour the wine. 

Step Two - String a loop, about 3" or 4" long, between the wrapped yarn and top of the book. 

Step Three - thread the loose end through the loop and tie.  

Step Four -  Cut the wrapped yarn at the bottom of the book. 

Step Five -  wrap yarn at the top, about an inch long. 

Step Six - tie wrap. 

Step Seven -  tie a string, through the loop at the top of the tassel. I kept the strings long so I could play with the layout!  

Cheap and easy! No need to spend $50 plus at Urban or Target, make it your own!  

I wanted a very messy look to the tapestry, yet you can create it however you like!  

I hope you enjoy, and make one yourself!  


Kaitlyn Barinaga