Happy New Years!! With a new year comes new opportunities, with amazing new companies!   I love finding boutiques who stand for something and have a meaning behind their clothes.

Do you love fashion? Do you love animals? If you answered yes to those questions then this boutique is for you. Next Gen Herbivore located in Vancouver, B.C. is full of cute and animal free clothing.   

" Human and non-human animals rejoice! We carry women's fashion products made with only 100% animal-friendly materials. No fur, silk, wool, or leather here, only great style! We hope to inspire others to live harmoniously with their environment and animal cohabitants. Fashion choices are a perfect way to show the world you compassionate, caring, and a trendsetter for future generations - a Herbivore." I couldn't have said it better!!! 

Products ranging from makeup to faux suede jackets, this boutique has it all.  




This dress is perfect for walking around Pike's Place or having a comfy day at home. I love the lace up and the color!! This color is versatile and can be worn with anything!  


Don't fret, it also comes in black. 



Check out this amazing website for beautiful pieces that don't hurt our furry friends!!! I rounded up my top five items you need in your life, enjoy.  


Perfect for children and adults! What a fun way to brighten up a playroom or even a dining room! This is everything! Also on sale?!  

    What's better in spring than flowers?!? Nothing! This dress is perfect for all your spring weddings and parties.  


         I'm in love with this piece and even more so because no animals were harmed.  




        Share your WIFI people, hehehe!!!  




          Meow... Insert cat emoji!  



    Follow this link to view more from this amazing brand! When you subscribe you get 10% off your first purchase! Thanks for reading and happy shopping!  



    Kaitlyn Barinaga