Messy Buns

Hey! Happy Friday everyone! Today is dedicated to the messy buns we all have had once in our life. For me, the messy bun is everyday. If you know me, you know I never do my hair.. like ever. I was blessed with growing up with a little sister and a best friend who both do hair and don't mind helping me out. So when it comes to figuring out how to do my hair alone, it's usually a messy bun.   Here's a " tutorial" on how to get a top not or low bun in minutes. 




Basically the dirtier the better. So just never shower and you are in luck!  


No teasing here! Dirty and un brushed hair is the key to messy buns.  


You must have the perfect hair tie.. Or disaster will strike, just a matter of time.  

" My hair-tie won't go around my hair three times. But it's too loose when it's only wrapped twice." Insert crying Kim Kardashian face.  


If you ask me the messy top knot or low bun is the perfect accessory to any outfit! 



Here are some real steps on getting your messy bun! Also be kind on me, I'm not an expert in the hair department but I know how to messy bun!



I haven't been using a blow dryer recently so my hair here is air dried. I brushed my hair a couple times after getting out of the shower and parted down the middle. My hair is naturally wavy so I do have a little frizz!  


My hand looks huge here, haha! 

My hand looks huge here, haha! 

Okay so I bring my hair into a low or high pony tail. 




I take the hair and wrap around my pointer finger three times. Depending on how thick your hair is will determine how many times you wrap!  



After you have wrapped your hair into a bun then use your elastic to secure the bun! I wrap my elastic around three times as well.  



After secure, I pull my hair out a little, hehe. It creates the messy and effortless look.  



I like to part my hair down the middle so I can pull a couple pieces down near my face! That's just my personal fav. 


Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed!  




Kaitlyn Barinaga