Cultivate Kindness

Hello and happy day! I hope everyone is having an awesome week!  Maybe it's my emotions or the fact that February is the " love month" but I've been feeling extra giddy and full of kindness. I wanted to share some kind things you can give your girlfriends, coworkers, and family! Don't forget it's the thought that counts and it means a whole lot! 

  1. Coffee Me    

Grab your girlfriend her favorite drink on the way to a shopping date or a coffee obsessed coworker! It's the thought that counts, oh and the fact that you remember her drink order! Under $5

    2. Flower Me

 A nightly stop at the grocery store after a long day at work may seem grueling and tiresome... actually sometimes it is, ha! Grab your coworker or your mom a bouquet of colorful flowers and give them a great start to their morning. Sure they will probably die within three days, but it'll make your coworker or mom giddy. Under $10

   3. Carb Me

Share your carbs! Hah, this will make you skinnier too, right? While you make a stop at the bakery for your daily coffee, grab a sleeve of macaroons and share with your friends or coworkers! Or cookies, bread, brownies, muffins, and oh cupcakes... okay just grab them a sweet treat! $10

 4.Cup Me

You can never have too many coffee cups! I would know! Target has an overflowing section of cheap coffee cups, like always. So the next time you stop and pick yourself up one, grab an extra one for a sweet surprise. So every time that person uses that cup, they think of your sweet face! 

5.Quote Me

Someone on your mind? Let them know. I believe every time someone drifts into your mind it's a sign to reach out. Send them a quote or a sweet little something. It will instantly change their mood or make their day better! No matter how long it's been. 

So cherish the moments you have with people and let them know it. Kindness is an amazing thing. It's not just limited to your friends or family. I remember every moment I've had a stranger do something kind. So pay it forward and give those people some happy things or moments to have! 





Kaitlyn Barinaga