Oh Rosy

When I think of spring, I think of color. Blush, pale pinks, yellows, and soft blues. I love spring, it's always been my favorite season. Full of flowers, birthdays (mine) , and spring style. If you have been reading recently you read all about my obsession with blush. So here is another outfit dedicated to blush and a little spring color mixed with a fall piece. Enjoy! 

Found the perfect blue wall and screamed " STOP THE CAR " I mean it was obviously meant to be! 

Jacket is my go to!

Jacket is my go to!

Pair your fall/winter skirt with a new blush sweater for a sweet and laid back look.

The sweater is from Forever 21, of course. I've been on a weird F21 kick lately. I keep on finding cute and versatile tops! This sweater was only $14!

The right shoes and purse make this outfit an effortless look. The shoes are Target! Affordable and chic.


" Are you an ad for sparkling water?" - Things that your boyfriend says while taking pictures. 

These are pieces in your wardrobe that can totally be repurposed! The shoes, skirt, sweater, and purse are all pieces that you can use all seasons long. If you ask me, thats the perfect wardrobe. 




Kaitlyn Barinaga