5 Reasons to Try a New City

A day full of exploring means coffee, tulle skirts, and puppies! Right? Well moving to a new city should be followed by lots of exploring; there is something refreshing about wandering around in a new city.  I wanted to share some tips and advice on moving to a new city. Of course it's a little intimidating at first, but with an open mind and a good outfit you can make the new city your home very soon.  

I am currently living in downtown Seattle, but I spent this day on the " Eastside", as the residents of Seattle call it. I feel like I'm on an episode of Gossip Girl saying that out loud! Of course I love that! 

  1. ME, MYSELF, AND I    

You will become your own best friend because you'll spend so much time with just being alone. It's scary at first, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to become your own best friend.  It allows you time to self reflect and mentally prepare yourself everyday for a new experience, which you will be having a lot of in a new city. 

2. Settling In

It will take time to settle in. Your apartment won't put itself together over night, finding your soul mate girlfriends will take time, and finding that perfect cup of coffee on your new block will be a process of trial and error.The best thing you can do is to give up control a little it. The best things take time. So don't have a meltdown if you can't find a new best friend or you feel lonely. Everything takes times. 


3. No New Friends. 

You'll have these moments where all you will want is to eat ice cream with your best friend... but she is 2,000 miles away. Thank goodness for technology or you would be lost ha! If anything, moving has taught me to appreciate my friends and family so much more. It has also helped me become more comfortable with who I truly am and therefore more open to reaching out to some random girl i had a great convo with. "Hey do you want to grab a coffee sometime?", it's as easy as that. The worst thing that can happen, is that they say no? Oh well. Their loss, ha! 

See even Theo was over me!!! 


    4. Fresh Start

    You can be whoever you decide to be, having the courage to be yourself is sometimes really scary. I feel more myself than I ever have in my life. Personally I love being somewhere I am new, exploring, and finding myself. Maybe you're in need of a new change... bad ex, criminal (jokes), or just need some space away from your hometown. Moving to a new city will change you for the better. Independence is a beautiful thing. 

    5. Just Do It  

    Everything in life is unpredictable. Since I have moved, I have realized nothing is promis. Just pick a place and go. Whether it's 300 miles away from your home town or 2,000, just do it.  It's scary and you'll have moments you're unsure. Step outside your comfort zone and just go. It's a beautiful and long chapter of your life. It's more than worth it. 

    Love yourself and anything can happen. 



    Kaitlyn Barinaga