Hello and happy day! Today, I want to shed light on friendships, because without them I wouldn't be the woman I am today. When I think of my girlfriends, a few words come to mind. I think kick-ass, girl bosses, and genuine. I think those three words are how any women would love to be described! Today, let's talk about our friendships and how we can keep them no matter the distance or time. For much of the last few years I've had long distance relationships with some of my closest friends which can be hard! It's much harder than it seems to consistently stay in touch, life just seems to get so busy! But with some advice from a pro at ldr... you'll be the best BEST friend a girl can have. 

It's true distance makes the heart grow fonder. 


When it comes to social media, anything is possible. The best part of my days are when my girlfriends tag me in a silly meme or a meaningful quote. If you read something and think of your girlfriend... go ahead and tag them.. just type the first few letters of their name until their username comes up and all you have to do is tap it.. no excuses! 

  2. TECH

Face time, texting, and social media are easy and only take like 30 seconds. The next time you post a selfie or picture.. give your gf some love! " I want to reach out and tell all my #girlboss friends you rock!!!" Send them a gift card online, flowers, or even a Starbucks on you! Anything is possible. 


The most meaningful gift I received from my girlfriends was " thinking about you" cards, and buying me lunch. It's sweet and thoughtful. Gives me the feels.


Disconnection from your cell and the tech world is something I rarely find anymore. It's just respectful! Drop the phone and disconnect from the social world and connect with your bestie. It's rude to be on your phone while someone has taken time to be with you! 


I would love to have my besties in town all the time, so we could have cute girl parties! So I decided to give you guys the best ideas for throwing a girl's night in

  • All about the presentation. Set out your cake stand and add the sweet things! Every girl loves carbs... no denying.  I love the sweet presentation of the coffee cake and all the pretty things surrounding it! 
  • Want to make the cute peachy colored drink at your party? Grab the bubbly and the San Pelligrino and make this sweet drink! It's yummy and cute! So get over the OJ!
  • FRESH FLOWERS LADIES. Have a bouquet for your table and then mini bouquets for your lady friends.
  • Get the coffee! Whether its the middle of the day or after work, always have some fresh coffee and tea out for your friends! 
  • I mean do you need the cute pink straws? Not really... but they were a dollar at Target so I think you need them.

Happy hosting!  

I love all my girl friend, mwah! 


Kaitlyn Barinaga