Puppy Love

When they love... they love deep, sloppy, ruff, and long. We need them. They need us. They are great with cuddles and taking long naps. Dogs are truly man's best friend. It's a love that only you and your pup can understand. Peeing, barking, and weird tricks we still love them.

My first heartbreak was losing our family dog. Up until my grandfather passed it was the closest thing to hurt I ever experienced.  Zach was the first child to my parents, a gift from my dad to my mother. He lived a long 14 1/2 years with my family. A husky/ shepherd mix.. who greatly was apart of the family. From going on walks with my mom, to protecting my sister Lauryn from almost being devoured by a bigger dog, and hiding under the table when a storm came... it was a weird loss. A great one. Dogs are pretty special... they need you, and you need them even more. 

So here it is, five reasons you love your furry friend. Enjoy!


They love you whether you scream at your bf, don't shower for five days, and when you only eat popcorn for dinner... five days in a row. They have love eyes for you and only you. Coming home from work or a quick ten minute gas station run, your furry friend acts like he hasn't seen you in years, it's the best heart warming feeling to have. 


You'll never need to own a broom again. They will eat anything and everything. Enough said. 

3. Active

It's a fact when you have a dog they make you a healthier person in many different ways. But taking your pup on walks and playing in the park is a sure fire way to work off some calories! 


4. Alarm Clock

When you get a puppy for the first time you'll gain a newfound meaning for responsibility. I know when I first got Zoey she was constantly up... every three or four hours. She would jump on the bed at 6am to let me know she was ready to go out. It's a love/hate type if thing.... but totally worth it. 

5. Cuddles

Dog cuddles are the best kind of cuddles. Whether they lay by your side... or burrito down in your sheets. It's the cutest and most comforting feeling. 

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Kaitlyn Barinaga