Love: Rose Edition

From watching Ben on the Bachelor I would have to imagine that dating two women would be pretty hard... just from his constant tears. Oh and probably dating what... like 20 women does to a poor man... insert eye roll. I am a fan and just love this season. After constant girl talks and just really observing this season I would have to say dating looks pretty fun... So I have compiled a great list of dating advice... from my life to yours. You're welcome. 


" I tweeted the night I met him that I had just met my soulmate. He saw it the next day.. oops. But two years later we are going strong." 
"     A date of mine told my roommate and I that he could kill us and no one would ever know." 
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 " He told me he didn't care about the children in Africa... randomly... So that ended."
 " He spilled his sticky drink all over me on our first date. Then did a playful push after our date .... After it had iced the night before. Obviously I fell. Oh and I found out he worked at the restaurant we ate in.. After the bill came."  
Theo isn't sure if he wants to give me a rose or not this week... HA!

Theo isn't sure if he wants to give me a rose or not this week... HA!

"   Well... First of all, if you're on Tinder do not hope for the best. You find love when you least expect it." 
 " I had one Tinder date who literally helped my new roommate move into my apartment and left." 


"  We had been on a couple dates.... on maybe our fourth date he informed me that he saw dead people. "
"  He texted me after our first date  and said oh you'll do."  
We met up for drinks at my favorite place. He walked in like he owned the place. He talked about himself the WHOLE time. I'm not sure why, but we went back to my place to hang out more. Luckily my roommate was there to act as a buffer, I could tell she was on the same page as me. Next thing I know, I wake up and everyone is gone. I literally fell asleep while he was talking. "
" A friend of mine and I had been “talking” for the past several months. He didn’t live in town so we planning a good weekend to where I could come and visit him. So I packed my bags and set sail on a 6 hour roadie to the beach for a weekend get-away with my “prince charming.” When I arrived we decided to go and grab dinner. We agreed on Bonefish which if you don’t know, it’s a pretty upscale type restaurant. The server came over and asked if the check needed to be together or separate and my “prince charming” said separate. Great start to a weekend get-away." 
Bowling is never a good first date... said everyone ever." 
" He told me he was still in love with his ex girlfriend... but still wanted to date me...bye!" 

Whoever Ben gives his rose to tonight, I'm sure there will be tears... duh.

Dating is weird... with humor it can be a great story. So thanks to all my girlfriends who gave me their hilarious stories. I give roses to you all! 

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Bye Guys! Happy Monday! 



Kaitlyn Barinaga