Girl Boss

Hey y'all! Happy day! This post is filled with my love for the book Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso. I read this book on and off for about three months, then actually dug deep on the plane ride from SEA >AL! All I can say is wow! If you've read it.. Yay!!! If not, READ IT! Not only is it cute and pink, it's kind of the coolest book ever. I have never read a book and felt so connected to a person I've never met!  

So let's go!  

Girlboss  is a book that reminds you that giving up is never an option and to always be yourself... But never settle for mediocre! 


5 things I learned from girlboss 

  1. surround  

Surround yourself with girlbosses! When someone around you is constantly negative and victimizing theselves it's just lame! You get all those bad vibes too. There is a difference between venting and being a negative human. When I surround myself with girls who push me to be a better person I am happier! Bounce ideas, creativity, positivity, and happy thoughts with your girl friends! If you feel like you're constantly scared to tell a friend something happy about your life... It's time to move on! The best friends I've ever had are the girls who push me and my skills to the next level. 

2.   School isn't for everyone  

judge me idc!! I used to struggle and explain in long boring sentences about me not going to school.. It was boring! I always left the conversation feeling negative about myself! School was never my thing. After graduating high school I had no clue what I wanted to do, I just knew I never wanted to go to college!! The moment I was confident and passionate about something was the moment I stopped caring what everyone thought about me. Don't judge someone based off their college career or just their career! I have a happy job where I can survive and shop! To the people who do go to school, GREAT!!! I think everyone is meant for their own dreams and success!  

3. Style is your own  

whether you are rocking socks with sandals or you have an addiction to harem pants, it's your choice! Sure maybe inside you have judgement about what people wear,  but allow yourself not to judge what a person chooses to put on their body!

4. You must be mistaking

It's cliché and often said.. but nobody is perfect! We all make mistakes, we all wish we could've and would've!  Own your mistakes and move on! In the book Sophia talks a lot about her own mistakes, and accepting them, and learning. She made a lot of crazy decisions and by owning up to them she created her own company along the way.

5. Take a chance

So maybe, we all won't have a company like Nasty Gal.. but she took a chance. So what if you fail, so what if you make mistakes, SO WHAT?!  I've taken chances... and then failed at them. Everyday I'm learning something new from so many sources and people. Then I take chances and things work out! Confidence is key... I remember moving and thinking about getting a job. I had fallen in love with bridal so I sent my resume to a lot of different boutiques in the Seattle area. There was one specific boutique ( TDT) where I was so nervous about sending my resume.. I felt like kind of down about myself and thought " no I could never work somewhere like that! " But with confidence and owning my personality and my passion for bridal I got the job! After reading this book I know I can do anything!

This book is a must read for all my gal pals. I love it! Never give up and it's never too late to follow your dreams. I will say that I am surrounded by some serious #girlbosses.... I work for one and with gals who blow my mind everyday with their amazing talents!

thanks for the book mom!





Kaitlyn Barinaga