3 Reasons: Bridal

" I choose you this day and everyday." 

Why do I love weddings? The joy of seeing two people from different backgrounds bring their friends and family together under one roof or tent, and have a party with them! My job, on the daily, is making those women look their best. It's kind of the best! Do I sell wedding dresses? No. I sell the dress after it's already been purchased. What does that mean? I am the right hand man to our seamstress! So I explain all the alterations we will be doing and I help visualize what the dress will be! It's fun and gives me the feels. I love finding out how someone fell in love and how excited they are to show that love to everyone! 

  1. Dress Envy

Every dress is simply stunning. It's such a moment for each lady, even me! It's the one day a women can have the dress of her dream and marry the man of her dreams in front of everyone she has ever known... um pressure people! So seeing each lady carefully choose and fall in love with "the one" is amaze! Oh and I get to try most of our samples on.

Hayley Paige 

Hayley Paige 

Rue De Seine 

Rue De Seine 



2. Work Space Envy

I mean if you don't know, you know now! My beautiful workspace is amazing and chic. I actually sit in this space everyday for hours on end and I have zero complaints. I believe every bridal boutique should be this beautiful! 

3. Love Envy

If there is one thing I've learned while working in bridal, it's that every love story is unique. Love is different and knows no storyline! Each and every woman, or man, has a beautiful story. Whether they met in a bar, online, or through mutual friends it is all beautiful and special. I think I find myself once a day thinking to myself " wow how lucky are they." 


Love is everywhere and I just happen to be right in the center of it. From giving hugs to opinions. I wouldn't change my workplace in a second. I love LOVE people! Helping women look their best on their big day is an honor! 

Favorite Designer Right Now

Hayley Paige

Favorite Love Quote

" She loved him deeply. Not only because of how he was. But because she could be unapologetically herself around him. "

Favorite Bridal Boutique

The Dress Theory hehe


Alterations are key. 


Kaitlyn Barinaga