Portland Weekend

I took a recent trip to Portland this past weekend and wanted to share the cool spots I went to! While I love Seattle, and living downtown Seattle is always a treat.. ;) It was nice to whisk away for the weekend and be at a slower pace! Portland is cute and filled with great eats, style, and homes! I was seriously in love with all the neighborhoods and cute pink and yellow homes that filled the suburbs of Portland. If you know me you know I am a sucker for old homes... I want one! Okay... getting side tracked!


So I want to share my favorite places and pictures! Enjoy


Good Coffee 1150 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR


Okay, wow! Cute and soooooooo cozy! I loved the feel and aesthetic of the place! It was filled with greenery and even a cute tile floor spelling out " good day" perfect for all my Instagram peeps out there! I grabbed an iced latte and YUM! I really liked it, so much so we went there twice!


Santeria 703 SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR

Mexican food was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had quesadilla and boy was it amazing. The chips and salsa were bomb! Super intimate setting and basically a bar. The classic margaritas were STRONG, I mean knock yo socks off strong.


Tidbit Food Farm and Garden

Oh my goodness! It's just a bunch of food trunks all in one place! I originally stopped by this place for an airstream I found on Instagram full of flowers and local goodies! I was in heaven!



So the first stop was menagerie, full of blooms, soaps, and little trinkets all made in Portland! It's so cute and my favorite spot! What a genius idea!!



We went right back the next morning with our gal Zoho. We grabbed a table amongst all the families, couples, and dogs! The sun was shining and we went to a truck where they made waffles! Waffle sandwiches .... Insert drooling!! I had the Sardou.. it was amazing!!!!



While it was short and sweet we had an amazing time at some lovely places! --So what did I wear for a short weekend?!



Have a cute graphic tee and not sure how to dress it up? Grab some colorful block heels... BOOM, fancy pants!


Have a romper?! Dirty hair?! Grab a baseball cap and your fancy flats for a put together look for waffle sandwiches! To tie in the whole look grab your denim shirt to wrap it around your waist!


Thank you for reading! :)


Kaitlyn Barinaga