Hey! Wow it's been a month! I can't believe it! So, I'm not the best blogger and I have more drafts than a bar. The summer has been crazy for me! From wedding season at work, travel, and oh moving again ( new apartment) life is hard! But I'm back and ready to give you guys some amazing content! So I want to share an about me! Have fun.


  1. Kaitlyn Anne Barinaga ( me ) is my name, obviously, haha! I am the blogger behind Coffee and Vogue... if you've travelled from Instagram.. my name is coffeeandavogue because someone else has my name... insert crying face!  
  2. Why? I chose the name because I kind of love coffee.. and try to approach my style with a vogue twist .. on a teen vogue salary. I strive to be simple with fashion and honest about life. I love fashion and the way it makes me feel! I mean.. I love how I look in a fancy outfit.. but I love how people feel in that fancy outfit. Whether your fancy outfit is joggers and a graphic tee.. or a slip dress with a sweater! Fashion is whoever you choose to be. 
  3. I live in Seattle currently, but was raised in Alabama. Culture shock?? Of course. But I love it. I'm 22 and living my dream. Seattle is for the creative and you see it everyday... even if you're not looking for it! I love that I can walk everywhere, eat yummy food, and that there is no humidity, ha! 
  4. I am a stylist at the bridal boutique " The Dress Theory" where we have the coolest brides and coolest dresses. I talk to people, dress people, and explain to them how their dress will be altered! Pretty fun if you ask me!  
  5. I'm in lala Lala love with my live in boyfriend, Dustin! Life is cool when you're doing it with your best friend! He encourages me and loves to shop with me.. sometimes. We have a dog Zoey, who often goes by the name Zoho or Zo! We live in a stupio apartment and it has been a learning curve. One bedroom here we come!!!  



Thanks for reading! Happy Monday and August! Let's do it!  

Kaitlyn Barinaga