5 Things: Fitted

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed my last post about bridal! Today I am coming out with tips to guide you through fittings! 95% of the time you will need a skilled BRIDAL seamstress to help you complete your bridal look. 

  1. In my last post I talked to you guys about the difference between custom and made-to-order, reason being... you have to expect alterations! Find a bridal seamstress who has worked with multiple designers, fabulous resume, and Yelp that business! Make sure you trust your seamstress enough to listen to her concerns and ideas! 
  2. Boobs?!?!How does that work? Cups can be sewn in so say bye bye to the bra! Also head over to Nord's and grab some fashion tape, sticky boobs, and push ups! It's great to try them each on and figure out what works best for you and your boobs!
  3. Make sure you have your wedding shoes ready for your first fitting and stick with that pair! This is for the heel height to hem your dress! Also one of the most important factors for your big day.... dancing duh! Do not skimp out on this!!! You need a hem! 
  4. Bustle it all up! What's a bustle? If you have a train, your seamstress will create a way for the train to be picked up during your rehearsal! 
  5. Keep in mind it'a lot easier to take in a dress, than to let it out. So remember this when you're asking for the seamstress to make it as tight as possible months before the wedding. 

It's just five fun facts that I deal with everyday and I think every woman who is walking that walk down the aisle should know! 

Include your pup in your ceremony! This is Haley Mae! 

Include your pup in your ceremony! This is Haley Mae! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you take something from this! 


Kaitlyn Barinaga