Off The Shoulder

Hello everyone! First blog post of 2017, and my first post since September! I am so excited to share with you readers this collaboration with one of my favorite brands! ASTR Label is a clothing line for the trendy and classic shoppers. Filled with different textures, shapes, and colors you can easily find yourself with a closet full of their clothing.  

Their newest collection, Resort 2017, is filled with every vacation item you would ever want and need. Spring collections are starting to come into stores and while the temps may be um... freezing. I wanted to share some ways you can rock a spring/summer item while you're freezing.... or while you're lounging on the beach. 

Why I love this dress:

I love this effortless dress for a couple reasons.. but the reason I love it most is that it's comfy ya'll! I mean really comfortable. I lounged around in this dress for hours after work, worked in the dress for 8 hours, and ran around outside in this dress. ( running from the cold) Those are good reasons, right?! 

I love stripes and at one point two years ago I was striped obsessed. My point? Stripes are always in! The shape of this dress is a little baggy and then sexy on top with the shoulders out! Ooooh baby! 


Why you need this dress:

You need this dress no matter your age. You need a dress that you can do all of the above ^^ in! When spring comes  and it's time to shed the sweater weather it's time for some dresses! If you live in dresses already... you need this dress! I struggle to find dresses that fit just right... especially for working. I love this dress and it's long enough for all my tall friends! 

I cannot rant and rave about this dress or company enough! Enjoy these photos! How would you wear this dress?

Follow this link ^^^ for this dress! It fits super true to size and I am wearing a small! 


Thanks for reading!






Kaitlyn Barinaga