Models and Mortals

Hey there! It's me... I'm alive?? Yes, I'm alive and kind of well. I promise I still love blogs and reading them. I've just been through some rough seasons in my life; I could go onto a long FB type of rant or just be blunt and to the point. So here that is:

Last year was hard for me, I was struggling to make it through each day without tears or fears. I know for some people it's easy to disregard anxiety because it's " stress, being an adult, and growing pains." But for me personally, I was living in my own personal hell. I was experiencing a lot of traumatic things and learning to live (I didn't know then but now I know) with PTSD. The events in my life that have led down this path, and a lot of what I want to share, will come with time and just learning more and more about myself. So bare with me! So since October I've been seeing a therapist and WOW.. it's awesome. My life has changed a lot.. and not a lot. I'm learning to deal with things in a healthier way without fears and tears. I'm not there yet, but I am really trying! 


I truly love to write and read. I have loved doing that since I was a little girl and it is so therapeutic to me. So I guess you're wondering what this has to do with my blog? I want to practice a transparent lifestyle. I want to share and be vulnerable with the people who have and will read my blog. I was so scared of sharing what's been going on in my life because of what I thought " normal and perfect " people would think of them. Instead I've realized this is my normal, no one is perfect, and comparison is a thief of joy. So I'm ready to start blogging/ writing again. Thank you for sticking with me! 

Okay now onto beautiful things that come in perfectly pink packages with the word.. " glossier " written all over it. 

This stuff you guys... of course I was a sucker for the packaging and totally had to have it??? I have a million pink pouches everywhere now.. anyways.. gosh I am a spazzz!

I have sensitive skin that was struggling for years, so anything I buy for my skin is scary! It's amazing, wonderful, and it WORKS!!!! I would go into some long boring rant but you need it and that's that!

  1. milky jelly cleanser is a must have for your daily and nightly skin regimen. It leaves your face feeling soft like Charmin.  I use this in the mornings in my shower and at night with little water when I am taking my makeup off. 
  2.  Super pure, I can't begin to describe what this magic is.. it works and I am forever grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY THIS NOW>>>>>  It's made my skin less red and less breakouts!! Better than anything.. it also comes in a pack... so just go ahead and buy that. 
  3. Boy brow has taken the world by storm and now I know why!! If you are looking for a low maintenance eyebrow routine this is a must. It takes .5 seconds and I can do it in the car without fearing for the uneven mess that can be my eyebrows. >>
  4. Last but not least.. lipstick! Okay it's not going to last 24 hours.. but I love the color and I like it for the work week.

You can shop all my other favorites below:

skin tint/ wear when I want full coverage/ 

the best lotion you will ever have on your face/ use every day/night /

stretch concealer/ everyday under eye and on blemishes if needed /

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Kaitlyn Barinaga