New York Update

The city that never sleeps... has always been my motto, only because I never sleep so technically the city I'm in never sleeps. Look I get what it's supposed to mean but whatever. 


If you read the news or like are ever on twitter you have then seen the crazy stuff that happens in New York City. Men peeing on women, subways derailing, vicious squirrels, and the occasional rat in restaurant story. I haven't been peed on, I haven't been attacked by a vicious squirrel , and I have derailed on a train... but I have seen a rat and that's my worst nightmare. Luckily Dustin was visiting so he carried me inside the door... don't worry folks. If you're wondering if this is dramatic... it is. My father once had to carry his 14-15 year old daughter into the house because there was an opossum in our yard. 


It's hot, uncomfortable, and yet so sticky you almost can't feel your own body. The only breeze I feel is when the subway comes and occasionally when the subway is so crowded you feel a person breathing down your neck!! V v v relaxing. 


I often get asked if " I can be your daddy." I wore a shirt that said Lay-Z instead of Jay Z, which was a big hit in the streets of Brooklyn. " I can be your Jay Z!!" Don't they understand I have a father who I still call daddy and THERE IS ONLY ONE HOVA .


I've created a new appetite for rice cakes, ordering groceries to be delivered...  not by choice... but because I can use someone else's debit card. I had a messenger ask me to make his ramen for him while he was picking up a dress from work... I did not know how to make said ramen, because I didn't go to college, and because I never eat ramen because my mother told me not to. 


Please read this with a dose of sarcasm. 


There are amazing things that happen too. 


Going out in NYC is the most fun, walking while listening to music is therapeutic, and meeting new people is like finding yourself all over again... or for the first time ever. Also New York feels like the only city that gives you nostalgia without ever living there before. 


Xoxo gossip girl

Aka Dan 

Aka lonely boy 


someone has prob urinated on this step. 

Kaitlyn Barinaga